In fact, our mission statement and guiding principles specifically state that the ensemble will foster, encourage and develop appreciation of wind music by collaborating with schools to provide meaningful educational outreach.

About Our Outreach Programs

Knightwind Ensemble outreach efforts started during the 2008-2009 season. We have collaborated over the years with band programs in the Milwaukee Public School's (MPS) at the  Audubon Middle and High School., Wedgewood Park International Middle School, and at Golda Meir School. Members of the band work with students one-on-one to enhance their skills with their current band music, solo & ensemble pieces, and other music as needed.

As an outreach to our concert series at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, we also extended educational opportunities to band students at South Milwaukee High School (SMHS). Master classeshave been held in sectionals, as well as one on one instruction.

Outreach Feedback

Our host band directors, students and volunteers have great things to say about Knightwind Outreach programs. Check out some of the feedback we have received over the years.

  • Knightwind volunteers commented on how much they enjoyed working with the students. The students were appreciative, took direction well and made good progress. They were impressed with how receptive students were. They were eager to learn and worked hard.

  • The Band directors have said it made a big difference to have Knightwind volunteers work with their students.

  • Students commented on their experiences as well.
      • I liked the fact that a professional musician who specialized in my instrument was instructing me on how to play.
      • I enjoyed playing alongside professional musicians, as it gave me a goal to improve my playing.
      • A clarinetist said they enjoyed hearing how one lady became a member of Knightwind because, until then, the student never imagined having a successful career playing music or having a music-related job. “I know I’ll always remember what she said.”
      • I enjoyed the professionalism and the friendly atmosphere.
      • I liked how laid back and “normal” the band members were.
      • I got to experience how a band outside of school functions.
      • The people were friendly, funny and knew what they were doing.
      • I liked working with the group.
      • I would like even more instruction on embouchure and tone production so I can sound better.


Pam Harrison, Chairperson

Knightwind Educational Outreach Committee